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Benijofar’s Square

Benijófar is one of the municipalities that have been forming in the Vega Baja of the River Segura from the extensive term, that after the Christian conquest, Orihuela was provided with the so-called "alfonsino privilege", and in particular its existence as an independent entity can be dated to the early eighteenth century. This privilege allowed the construction of a feudal core with only recruitment of 15 neighbours and the possession of an extension of sufficient land to distribute among them.

The origin of the name is evidently Arabic, with a very usual composition in Valencia and Murcia, of the genitive "Bani" (pronounced in Hispanic-Arabic "Beni") meaning "the son of" followed by a proper name, though the profusion of these toponyms suggest to the specialists about an anomalous evolution, well for its confusion with the Latin word "pinna", arabized as "bina"; well for formations already of the Christian period.

The second term "jofar" seems to be of the same root that the Castilian "aljofar" which means pearl of irregular figure, could be supposed that Benijófar would be equivalent to a family name or a topographic nickname