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Aerial view of Bigastro

Bigastro has a population of 6.500 inhabitants and an extension of 4, 1 km2. It is placed in the heart of the Region of the Vega Baja, near Orihuela and to 20 kms of the beaches. It is well communicated with the highway A-7 and with the rest of regional roads. It places in a privileged environment surrounded with nature and environment through its zone of leisure La Pedrera, Las Lomas and the traditional garden. Its peoples, traditions and gastronomy turn it into an incomparable place.

Historically, the Region of the Vega Baja, which belongs to the municipality Bigastro, it was integrated in the Kingdom of Murcia, until it is incorporated into the Kingdom of Valencia by Torrijos's Agreement, settling in it abundant Catalan and Valencian nobility. Nevertheless, after the expulsion of the Moriscos in the 17th century, it is repopulated of people of Murcia, leading to the Region to a total identification with the rest of the Vega. From the 19th century, the integration in the province of Alicante and the growth of the Valencian entity is growing in all the orders, especially in the administrative, inducing this situation to a community conception of great personality, which makes it different from other regions of the bordering region.