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Callosa de Segura, shadow of saw, heart of garden.

His name purely Greek means "beautiful place" kept or transmitted by the Arabs, in whose language colud mean "house or strengthened castle".

It is a municipality placed to the south of the province of Alicante, in the region of the Vega Baja del Segura. It has 17.423 inhabitants according to information of the INE (National Institute of Statistics) of 2007. The most nearby populations are: Cox, Granja de Rocamora, Redován, Orihuela, Rafal, Catral and San Isidro.

Callosa de Segura offers a unique stamp, located at the foot of the mountain mass of which rises on the plains of the Vega Baja.

It is a city with an economy based on the industry and the agriculture of irrigation, which occupies most of the area. The most out-standing industry is the manufacture of threads, ropes and networks (inheritance of the traditional manufacture of the hemp), Callosa is proud of his origins as the capital of the hemp. This industry placed it in the modernity of networks and ropes, first with natural fibres and later with his restructuring by means of the treatment of new materials, which it puts to Callosa as the first national producer of networks and threads; also the industry of the footwear is important.

The School of hemp, also declared cultural asset of Comunidad Valenciana by Consejo Valenciano de Cultura promotes together with the Town Hall of Callosa courses of learning in order to teach these trades that no longer exist, to create a rejuvenate staff which life with monitors and older can participate with them in the demonstrations, which are increasingly in demand abroad and in Callosa, - remember the outstanding participation and demonstration that took Callosa Spannabis at the fair in Barcelona 2006.

An important sector also constitutes it the trade, being estimated in approximately six hundred establishments, supplying not only to the municipality but to his surroundings.