General Information IconGranja de Rocamora

San Pedro Apóstol’s Church

The history of this neighbourhood is tied to the family of the Rocamora, from which its name comes. It is a Noble lineage of Catalan origin that accompanied the King Don Jaime I El Conquistador in the Reconquest. In gratitude he gave them lands and turned them into one of the first families of the region

Granja de Rocamora is a village that lives of the garden. Its gastronomy is vegetable. The tourist who wants to eat in this enclave will be able to taste typical food as the rice with crust, proper of festivities and familiar events, the rice farmer, plate that one eats all the year round and that consists of rice, beans, artichokes and fresh anchovy. Others local dish are the balls of meat that are done by crumb of bread, parsley, minced meat, blood and egg. The olives "partías" that are aromatized by thyme and saldorija (aromatic plants proceeding from the saw) can use us as appetizer. The most representative sweets of this locality are the cakes of pumpkin or of almond. In spite of the fact that Granja is a small town, it presents some places of tourist interest, like the Arabic tower of the 12th century that, restored nowadays, though it is a particular house can contemplate its architectural original style.